Research Databases

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The databases below are subscriptions, meaning the school pays to allow students access to use them. Accessing them requires a username and password.
Username for all databases is watertownhs - You will need to stop by the library or ask a teacher to get a password to access these databases (Here is a hint, though, think of the school mascot).




gale.gifDatabases on America Eras, Arts and Humanities throughout the Eras, Chemistry, Encyclopedia of Children, Adolscents, and the Media, Encyclopedia of Environment and Society, Encyclopedia of Play in Today's Society, Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health, Infectious Diseases, and World of Sports Science.


salemhistory.gifResouces on American history, the Ancient World, Middle Ages, and Renaissance. Includes access to Milestone Documents in American History, which has primary source documents with expert commentary.

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Free Research Databases, Websites, and Search Engines
The following databases are free to use (no username and password required).
AcademicIndex.net - Searchable database that filters results.

InfoMine - Good place to find scholarly journal articles and research.

MagPortal - Find individual articles from freely accessible magazines, when you find an article you like you can mark it or click a link to find similar articles.

Microsoft Academic Research Search Engine- "Offers a bunch of features (visualizations, lists, etc.) that Google Scholar does not provide."

NewsWordy.com - "Plucks a word a day out of the news cycle, defines it, and examines its use (and misuse) in the media. Designed and curated by a Canadian named Josh Smith, Newswordy is especially good at following a single crisis over several days."

www.Procon.org- Unbiased information on a number of controversial topics.

ResearchItCT.org The State of Connecticut's free public research databases.

SweetSearch.com - An alterative to Google - SweetSearch.com filters returns for you to ensure content is appropriate and relevant.

TweenTribune.com - "Daily news site for teens - each day the most compelling, interesting, relevant news stories are published on this site."

Youngzine.com - News and More for the Young Mind